A Wedding Out of the Ordinary

Weddings these days are becoming an opportunity for the bride and groom to express themselves as a couple. Gone are the days of parents organising the whole affair; giving couples a chance to really go to town with a variety of fun and exciting ideas to make their day unique and include what matters to them. At The Old Sandpit we have plenty of variety to make any day special and unique, as this couple discovered.

Our venue is partnered with Qleisure, meaning there are plenty of little extras you can include for any wedding to create a fun and active day for all your guests involved. This couple decided on a top attraction; Karting to be including in there special day! I know a lot of brides in particular wouldn’t be so keen on this idea, but it really couldn’t have worked better for this couple who embraced their surroundings and had a fantastic time.

The bride dressed in a traditional full gown, the groom dressed to impress with a quilted kilt, a beautiful ceremony, then the fun begins. The bride, the groom and any guests who wished to join them all head to battle it out on the karts. With personalised overalls and helmets to match they were ready to roll.

An exhilarating hour later and all the guests are back enjoying drinks at the bar awaiting the wedding breakfast and preparing to dance the night away with family and friends. Putting your stamp on your wedding day can be anything from small details in the favours which are sometimes over looked to action packed activities which are a real talking point for any wedding.

What are you thinking up for your big day to make it unique?