Bluebells pond

Transformed to Brighton Beach

Choosing a theme for your wedding may come naturally, if you choose one at all, the hard part comes putting all the thoughts and ideas swirling around your head into practice. For my wedding a beach theme seemed the perfect choice as I got engaged on Brighton Beach.

I had already fallen in love with my Wedding Venue – The Old Sandpit, which to be honest isn’t beach like at all apart from being a short drive from Brighton! Next came the fun part of creating Brighton Beach at a country wedding venue in West Sussex.

With endless resources and ideas available to brides it’s easy to get carried away with any themed wedding; where do you draw the line and the small matter of your wedding budget. But simply by altering a few key components of any wedding such as favours, flowers or the food will help you achieve the perfect themed wedding at any venue.

We created a Vintage Seaside Wedding at The Old Sandpit; West Sussex and were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful sunny day, the one factor you can’t predict with a beach wedding!

seaside weding